Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pretty Table Runner and Napkin Set

I just completed a little homework assignment from my Homemaker's Mentor course. We were given instructions on how to make a simple table runner and matching napkins. This project was perfect for a beginner sewer, useful and just plain cute. It didn't take long at all; just an afternoon to sew the runner and twelve napkins. It took a bit longer to pick the threads to make the fringe but it was an enjoyable, mindless task. I really like this little course I'm taking as it's fun and I always learn something new. The ladies on the list are also very nice and I find discussing homemaking skills, tips and everything else that encompasses the broad term of homemaking quite refreshing.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Morning

Thought I would share a few snapshots from this morning. I've had these seed catalogs waiting for me to go through and order from. It's on my To Do List for today.
Ginger isn't quite as smitten with Oliver as Oliver is with Ginger. She was hissing at my poor baby... He just wanted to play a little!
Can you see my little sweetie-pie in the snow? He blends in quite a bit. Misty is much more tolerant of Oliver's playfulness.
The kiddoes are enjoying all kinds of winter-time fun, including taking a spin on the snow-mobile.
The trees are tapped! We haven't had any sap running through yet, but once we have a few warm days and then a few cold ones, the sap will be running freely! I can't wait for home-made maple syrup. Mmmmm...

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Been a Long Time...

since I made a blog post. Life seems so full and busy and the days just ramble by. We've had a lot of snow here in the northeast and it's been a lovely winter. I'm a born and bred New Englander and it just wouldn't be winter without a blanket of fluffy snow.
My beautiful friend brought me a ray of sunshine the other night; a pretty yellow Kalanchoe. It's gracing my bedroom windowsill and brings a ray of sunshine into my room even during a cloudy afternoon!
Recently my three younger daughters had a wonderful time playing in the snow with their friend, Bernadette. It was cold but you wouldn't know it watching the girls play.
Let's see, what else has been going on? Ah, yes... Gary and I went out to dinner Saturday night with our neighbors from our old neighborhood. I haven't seen them in nearly fifteen years! You know you have a special bond when you can pick up right where you left off after all those years. I miss them so much. I hope we can keep in touch as we shared so many ups and downs of life together. It was so much fun hearing about their children and seeing pictures of little boys in my minds eye grow to strong, vibrant young men that they are today. What a gift to see that! For dessert I made a Fiddler On the Roof Cake with Marshmallow-Chocolate Frosting from the Cakemix Doctor.

During these cold winter nights I have enjoyed making the Biscuit Blanket. I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. The pattern is so pretty and once I got on to how to make the pattern stitch (which took me a bit to understand!) it was smooth sailing and a very enjoyable knit. I'll be sure to use it to put my warm biscuits in!
I've also been keeping up with Little Miss Shabby's Birdie Stitches Block of the Month. This is the January Block and...
this is the block for February. Are they cute or what? I'm using a Moda Layer Cake (can't remember the name) for the edge and Kona Cotton in beige for the center block. You can join the free Block of the Month, too. I'm really enjoying this one!
I hope you are staying warm and drinking in all this beautiful season has to offer. Keeping warm by the woodstove at night, taking brisk walks during the day and soaking in the sunshine and blue skies; it's all good!