Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Sampler Girl Easter Freebie

One of my favorite designers is The Sampler Girl. Her designs are so clean and reflect my favorite time period. She had a freebie posted for Easter and I thought it would make a cute doorknob hanger. I stitched it up in a couple nights while my mom was visiting. We watched Cranford while I stitched. What an enjoyable two nights spent stitching, watching Jane Austen and drinking tea and coffee together.

My seeds came in today from High Mowing Organic Seeds. I got melon, sweet pepper, pumpkin, Amish Paste tomato, and Brandywine tomato. I have some flower seeds, too and plan on planting those this evening in little pots. That's all I'm starting from indoor seeds this year. I'll buy some plants in late May and put some seeds directly in the ground then, too.

For knitting I've been working on a very pretty bunting for a friend that's due in July. I'm just on the back right now and it's stockinette stitch so it's going rather quickly. I can't wait to start the front where the pattern begins. And for cross-stitching I'm working on a Blackbird Design stocking. That's terribly cute, too. So I've been busy picking away at a few little projects here and there. I'm not bored with any one project, that's for sure!

I spent another bit of time in the dentist's chair this morning. My third visit in a little over a week! Bleck! Not my favorite seat, for sure. Luckily I really like my dentist; I went to school with him so I've known him forever. Great guy... just would prefer to not visit with my mouth open and my palms sweating, know what I mean?
Well, I've got a few things to do for Easter and hope to take a few pics along the way. 'Til next time, keep your chin up and don't take any wooden nickels. (I have no idea what that means but my dad used to tell me that all the time!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Goodie Swap

Kaleigh and Christina of Bumble Bee Bags (see side bar), recently swapped one of their beautiful items to each other. Kaleigh was the lucky recipient of the beautiful wristlet/handbag. The fabric that Christina chose goes so pretty together! As soon as it came in, Kaleigh filled it up with her necessities and she has gotten a lot of compliments on it. It's the perfect combo for spring!

In exchange, Kaleigh sent Christina these pretty knitted Delicato Mitts that she knit for her. They are made from Frog Tree mohair and are soft and warm! They both are happy with their goodies!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lots of Activity

going on here lately. Casey turned 18 the other day. Can't believe it! I remember when I brought home my little bundle... we made a sign with three pair of men's shoes like on the show, "My Three Sons" and the sign read the same! He was our third child and third boy. I won't get all mushy here, just will say that we love him BUNCHES!

I finally finshed my baby shower project. Here is a basket-full of thirty five home-made washcloths and soap.

These will be favors for the guests at the shower.

I finally finished the sweater. It came out so pretty. I'm not sure I'd do another one to sell though, as it was very time consuming. I think I would only make it for a gift the next time around.

I haven't been only inside... the weather has been beautiful the past few days and the little girlies have been enjoying the sunshine. Goodness, they're a motely crew!

I planted some onion sets this morning. I planted sweet onions and red.

The soil is perfect for onion set planting. Tomorrow I'll pick up some garlic and put those in too.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Busy Hands, Happy Hearts

I love to keep busy with the usual day to day tasks. Being a home-maker for over 26 years, I have to say I've never been bored. I honestly feel that my work at home, nurturing my children, making a home for my husband and family, cooking, cleaning, schooling, driving the kiddoes around and all the other things that encompass my day is not only pleasurable, but necessary. I have learned that sewing, knitting and needlework are a piece of my day that has always brought me pleasure. It makes me feel good to create beautiful things for my home, useful things too, and necessary items for my family, like clothing. It has also brought me a bit of pin money, too. For the past couple of weeks I've been working on sewing some washcloths for a baby shower order. I need to make 35 and it takes me about an hour to make five. So my plan is to do five a day. I also made soap for each cloth. When the project is done, I'll take a pic and show you how I'll present them.

Kierra helped me in the kitchen the other day making Snow Pancakes. What great fun that was! Granny Miller had the recipe on her new blog and we just had a fresh snowfall so we had to try them out. They were really good!

Our week was full with school, too. Mittens decided Cassidy had enough math for awhile and decided to lay across her book. It didn't work, though, as Gary made the cat get off so he could finish teaching Cassidy; much to Cassidy's dismay!

I've also been working on this adorable baby sweater for the same person that ordered the cloths. It's a Sidar pattern. It has two cables up each side of the front. So cute and lots of fun to make. I'll post a pic of that too, when it's done.

Casey was busy with schoolwork as usual, too. He's in his favorite thinking spot - his bed! Oh, wait, no... it's not his room he's in, it's his other favorite spot; Kaleigh's room! Hey, whatever works, right?

And lots of hugs for daddy! Sure, being unemployed is hard in some ways, but boy, in other ways, it can't be beat!