Friday, March 5, 2010

Busy Hands, Happy Hearts

I love to keep busy with the usual day to day tasks. Being a home-maker for over 26 years, I have to say I've never been bored. I honestly feel that my work at home, nurturing my children, making a home for my husband and family, cooking, cleaning, schooling, driving the kiddoes around and all the other things that encompass my day is not only pleasurable, but necessary. I have learned that sewing, knitting and needlework are a piece of my day that has always brought me pleasure. It makes me feel good to create beautiful things for my home, useful things too, and necessary items for my family, like clothing. It has also brought me a bit of pin money, too. For the past couple of weeks I've been working on sewing some washcloths for a baby shower order. I need to make 35 and it takes me about an hour to make five. So my plan is to do five a day. I also made soap for each cloth. When the project is done, I'll take a pic and show you how I'll present them.

Kierra helped me in the kitchen the other day making Snow Pancakes. What great fun that was! Granny Miller had the recipe on her new blog and we just had a fresh snowfall so we had to try them out. They were really good!

Our week was full with school, too. Mittens decided Cassidy had enough math for awhile and decided to lay across her book. It didn't work, though, as Gary made the cat get off so he could finish teaching Cassidy; much to Cassidy's dismay!

I've also been working on this adorable baby sweater for the same person that ordered the cloths. It's a Sidar pattern. It has two cables up each side of the front. So cute and lots of fun to make. I'll post a pic of that too, when it's done.

Casey was busy with schoolwork as usual, too. He's in his favorite thinking spot - his bed! Oh, wait, no... it's not his room he's in, it's his other favorite spot; Kaleigh's room! Hey, whatever works, right?

And lots of hugs for daddy! Sure, being unemployed is hard in some ways, but boy, in other ways, it can't be beat!


bumblebeebags said...

snow pancakes? I've never heard of that. When I was a kid we used to make snow cream.

Cheryl said...

i never heard of snow pancakes either. I have heard of snow cream,but never had any. LOL, guess I am a city girl.
I love those baby washcloths you make. They are so pretty. That sweater is going to be lovely. I love anything knitted with cables. They make me swoon.
Glad to hear everyone is doing well. looking forward to the pics.

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Very nice pictures of your family. Lots of love there. Beautiful baby sweater also.

Wendy said...

Busy Hands, Happy Heart - Amish saying, right? I felt every word you said and echo them myself. I suppose this is why we call this a Vocation :-) xoxo

Jo said...

oooh I'm envious of your sewing table. My machine has to live behind the sofa as there's nowhere else for it. I love the sweater, last thing I knitted was an aran sweater for my dad years ago.

Cheryl said...

love your new pic over there on the sidebar. You look great. I would never think you are a mom of seven. You look so young. : )