Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow in October?

Well... this will be a quickie post. Our power keeps going out due to the heaviness of the snow. I just nearly completed my post and the power went out, then came back on a few minutes later so I'm giving it another whirl. My husband just called to tell me there are a lot of downed power lines and it's very slick out on the roads. I've lived in New England all my life and I don't ever remember snow before Thanksgiving. We're expected to get 10+ inches with expected power outages.

I picked up these babies, all 48 of them at a flea market last week! Ten dollars for all of them! I plan on making either one big quilt or two twins out of them!

Casey was a good sport letting Caressa make up his face, yesterday! These are the moments I'm happy to have my camera handy!

Small-town fun here, today! Seeing that we have no sidewalks in town, not even one, it is illegal to go trick-or-treating in our town...with the exception of our street, which is a private road. Guess where all the kids in town come?

To make the towns' kids happy, they had a Halloween Party at the Village School. Lots of games, a parade (in the snow!) down Main Street from the town green up to the school, escorted front and back by our Town's Finest... two police cars, and yummy baked goods!

Caressa was a little Angel; just like she is in real life! I'm so thankful to live in this beautiful area and small town. Truly a dream come true!

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Sewing Chair & Quilt Show Pics

I picked up this chair at Saver's, a thrift store chain much like the Salvation Army, for $2.99. It was an old, oak school chair with a plastic seat cushion, a bit dirty and not so pretty. Looking beyond the obvious, I saw an adorable look-a-like DIY project that I had pinned on my Pinterest, here. I cleaned it up, sprayed it a pretty color blue, covered the seat in red and white gingham and made a cute little pillow from some scraps I had. Viola, my new sewing machine chair! Pretty cute, huh?

Over the weekend we enjoyed our small-town country fair. One of the highlights (for me, anyway) is to go to the Old Meeting House and look at all the hand made quilts the area townswomen have made over the past year.

The meetinghouse itself, is an enjoyable visit. It's very rich in town history.

Makes me want to dig through some of my stash and materials I have on hand and get busy! Are these quilts beautiful, or what?

Friday, October 7, 2011


A beautiful bouquet of flowers picked by my little ones from a neighbor's garden brightens up our kitchen table one evening after dinner...

Fresh cut herbs from the garden drying across the molding in the family room...

Oregano leaves made into wreaths hanging across the mantle. I'll use these to hang on baskets at Christmas for kitchen themed gifts.

The little ones helping Daddy work on the woodpile...

Lots of wood being stacked for the woodstoves...

My bathroom cabinet just spraypainted awaiting another coat, new knobs and some decoupage.

All prettied up...

newly made matching curtains...

and new light fixtures, faucets and mirror. The bathroom looks much better!

An impromptu afternoon party put out by the girls...