Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Bit More Planting

We've finally had a break in the week-long rain. I didn't remember what the sun was like! We took advantage of the dry weather today and did some planting. I put in a few impatiens in front of our Mother Mary statue. Once they really come in a beautiful patch of color is displayed. I also planted a big whiskey barrel at the entrance of the driveway. I put in some purple cascading petunias, red geraniums and some vinca vine. I put in another tall plant in the middle but I can't remember the name of it. I still have some work to do in this front garden but at least I made a start.
My husband moved our blueberry bushes this morning to a different spot and rototilled up where they were. He wants to move some of the boxes so he can get the lawnmower in between the boxes so he can mow instead of weed whack there. I have plenty of things to plant in the boxes but they'll have to wait until some time next week.

He also dug up some strawberry plants and moved those, too. Kierra was having a good 'ol time sitting and rocking in a planter pot!
The girls picked me a lovely lilac bouquet, yesterday. Don't they look pretty on the nightstand?