Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Month by Month Books

These two books are so entertaining. Linnea's Almanac is a book that will take you through the year, month by month. It has some wonderful information pertaining to each month, written in an amusing, interesting format. It's easy enough for a six year old to understand, yet intelligent enough that even an adult would enjoy. It's filled with nature crafts and lots of fun tidbits. I'll read it to my kids at the beginning of each month and do the crafts suggested.
The pink books is Mrs. Sharp's Traditions. This one is more for me, but also for the kids in a way. It's filled with Victorian nastalgia and again follows a month by month format. Each month there are suggestions pertaining to the goings on of the season. February includes candlemas candlemaking, enjoying Washington Pie and Lincoln's Log, making Valentine cards as a family, and a special way of celebrating Valentine's Day all day. I'm sure to follow the suggestions, as my Valentine's, all seven kiddoes and hubby, too, are so special to me that I want them to feel smothered in L-O-V-E all day long! I've enjoyed this book for several years.

Springs A Comin'

I know spring is on its way because our chickens are beginning to lay more and more eggs. Aren't they just so cute! They waddle around and cluck all day and it just brings a smile to my face. They are pretty funny to watch. Really...

See, I told ya spring is just around the corner. Look at that... sheets on the line, gently blowing in the wind beneath the brilliant blue sky. The air is fresh and clean, just cold enough to make you feel good. Ahhhh... this is the life in beautiful, rural New England.

Ice Queen, Done!

My Ice Queen is done! This pic doesn't do it justice, though. It was a fun lace project for a new lace knitter, like me. If I make another, I will do the upper bind off differently. I was supposed to do a picot bind off and didn't. It's rather tight, but still wearable. Next time I'll finish as described in the directions.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two of My Sons...

Here's a pic of two of my sons working together for Campion Ambulance in Waterbury, CT. Corey, 23 on the left, is an EMT working his way through college to become a paramedic/business major, and Kyle 21, a paramedic, will graduate in the spring as a respiratory therapist, and then move on to get his BS in Respiratory, is on the right. Unfortunately, both boys work quite a bit while attending college full-time, to help defray the cost of their education.
Last night, they were sent on a call to help a cocaine addict that's been in a nursing home for several years, brain-dead from a cocaine overdose. As my son, Kyle, inserted an IV, blood splattered and hit him in the eye. I can't tell you how upset I was when Corey called from the hospital telling me what happened and they would be home quite late. I sent out an urgent request for prayers, while waking my younger children to please pray for their brother, that everything would be alright. They're all very close, and were upset to think something could happen.
This is the third time we have been through such an ordeal. Once Corey was helping a motorcycle accident victim, when he got covered in blood. The victim died while being worked on the way to the hospital. His wife refused to let bloodwork be done to determine if her husband had AIDS or hepatitis. It was an agonizing six months wondering if the monthly bloodwork would continue to be O.K.
The next incident came when Kyle was working on a seizure patient that vomited and Kyle received that one in the mouth. Again, we were worried, but he turned out fine.
I guess this is all part of what they're doing. My third son, Casey, who's 15 is taking the EMT course now, and is following in his brother's footsteps. I asked the older boys to consider a less "involved" job, but they both just laughed and said, "Why? We love what we're doing."
We will find out on Monday the results of the bloodwork from Kyle and the patient. Please pray that everything is alright. Thank you, to all of you that I know have already kept my son close in prayer. I can't tell you what a comfort it is.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

We All Need More Sunshine

After reading Dr. Mercola's daily newsletter today, I realized that sometimes I don't get enough sunshine during the winter months. I don't know why, really, as some days are just so beautiful, with brilliant sunshine, albeit chilling temperatures. So today, I decided I would go outside with the three little ones instead of watching them through the window.
While they played in the yard, I brought out a little blanket and put it on the front stoop for me to sit on. The concrete steps get a little cold this time of year ;) I brought out the current read-aloud, The Long Winter by Robert Lawson, and read while the children acted out the story in their own playful, child-like way. What fun! If you enjoy good, quality, children's literature, I highly recommend any of his books. They are simply delightful! I love 'em! We all got a good dose of sunshine and fresh air today, and I plan on doing the same thing each day as long as the weather cooperates.

WIP and Epiphany

Here is my first attempt at lace knitting. This is a shawl titled Icelandic Lace Shawl. Having worked on this for many hours already, I can say that I'm hooked onto lace knitting! It does require concentration, but once you get going and get into a rhythm, it's so very relaxing. I have a long way to go, but I'll keep you posted on my progress. You can get the pattern from knitting I got the kit from for something like $25.00. A real value...
I've spent most of my recent evenings fighting a cold and working on a pattern called Ice Queen. It's a cowl that you can pull onto your head like a hood. It's a pattern by Rosemary Hill, and free on the web if you go to: It's made from kid mohair, and so unbelievably soft. I am using Rowan Kidsilk Haze in #592 Heavenly Blue and Toho 6.0 silver-lined beads from I've gotten quite a bit more done since I took this picture. It's an easy lace knit, and works up fairly quickly.
Here is another knitting project, a sweater I'm knitting using EZ's Knitting Workshop book and DVD. It uses her percentage system instead of a written "pithy" pattern. I'll take a photo when I'm further along...

Five of my seven children participated in a play on January 6, the Epiphany. The children did such a wonderful job reenacting the nativity. It concluded many play practices and rehersals. The play was performed for the Felician Sisters in Enfield, CT. They enjoyed the play very much and so did the parents! Do you see the littlest angel? That's my daughter, Caressa, and the angel on the right, next to the sheep, is my other other daughter, Kierra. Aren't they cute?