Thursday, January 10, 2008

We All Need More Sunshine

After reading Dr. Mercola's daily newsletter today, I realized that sometimes I don't get enough sunshine during the winter months. I don't know why, really, as some days are just so beautiful, with brilliant sunshine, albeit chilling temperatures. So today, I decided I would go outside with the three little ones instead of watching them through the window.
While they played in the yard, I brought out a little blanket and put it on the front stoop for me to sit on. The concrete steps get a little cold this time of year ;) I brought out the current read-aloud, The Long Winter by Robert Lawson, and read while the children acted out the story in their own playful, child-like way. What fun! If you enjoy good, quality, children's literature, I highly recommend any of his books. They are simply delightful! I love 'em! We all got a good dose of sunshine and fresh air today, and I plan on doing the same thing each day as long as the weather cooperates.

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