Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Month by Month Books

These two books are so entertaining. Linnea's Almanac is a book that will take you through the year, month by month. It has some wonderful information pertaining to each month, written in an amusing, interesting format. It's easy enough for a six year old to understand, yet intelligent enough that even an adult would enjoy. It's filled with nature crafts and lots of fun tidbits. I'll read it to my kids at the beginning of each month and do the crafts suggested.
The pink books is Mrs. Sharp's Traditions. This one is more for me, but also for the kids in a way. It's filled with Victorian nastalgia and again follows a month by month format. Each month there are suggestions pertaining to the goings on of the season. February includes candlemas candlemaking, enjoying Washington Pie and Lincoln's Log, making Valentine cards as a family, and a special way of celebrating Valentine's Day all day. I'm sure to follow the suggestions, as my Valentine's, all seven kiddoes and hubby, too, are so special to me that I want them to feel smothered in L-O-V-E all day long! I've enjoyed this book for several years.

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