Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lots of Activity

going on here lately. Casey turned 18 the other day. Can't believe it! I remember when I brought home my little bundle... we made a sign with three pair of men's shoes like on the show, "My Three Sons" and the sign read the same! He was our third child and third boy. I won't get all mushy here, just will say that we love him BUNCHES!

I finally finshed my baby shower project. Here is a basket-full of thirty five home-made washcloths and soap.

These will be favors for the guests at the shower.

I finally finished the sweater. It came out so pretty. I'm not sure I'd do another one to sell though, as it was very time consuming. I think I would only make it for a gift the next time around.

I haven't been only inside... the weather has been beautiful the past few days and the little girlies have been enjoying the sunshine. Goodness, they're a motely crew!

I planted some onion sets this morning. I planted sweet onions and red.

The soil is perfect for onion set planting. Tomorrow I'll pick up some garlic and put those in too.


Cheryl said...

Happy Bday to Casey. Seems it must be the week for kiddos to have bdays. My daughter turned 19 yesterday.
Love your washies. I am planning on making some myself for us to use.
Lucky you, you get to plant already. Weather is still too ficky here for us to do that.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

What sweet presents and beautiful sweater! Nice to see the signs of spring - already planting! Yummy...