Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Sampler Girl Easter Freebie

One of my favorite designers is The Sampler Girl. Her designs are so clean and reflect my favorite time period. She had a freebie posted for Easter and I thought it would make a cute doorknob hanger. I stitched it up in a couple nights while my mom was visiting. We watched Cranford while I stitched. What an enjoyable two nights spent stitching, watching Jane Austen and drinking tea and coffee together.

My seeds came in today from High Mowing Organic Seeds. I got melon, sweet pepper, pumpkin, Amish Paste tomato, and Brandywine tomato. I have some flower seeds, too and plan on planting those this evening in little pots. That's all I'm starting from indoor seeds this year. I'll buy some plants in late May and put some seeds directly in the ground then, too.

For knitting I've been working on a very pretty bunting for a friend that's due in July. I'm just on the back right now and it's stockinette stitch so it's going rather quickly. I can't wait to start the front where the pattern begins. And for cross-stitching I'm working on a Blackbird Design stocking. That's terribly cute, too. So I've been busy picking away at a few little projects here and there. I'm not bored with any one project, that's for sure!

I spent another bit of time in the dentist's chair this morning. My third visit in a little over a week! Bleck! Not my favorite seat, for sure. Luckily I really like my dentist; I went to school with him so I've known him forever. Great guy... just would prefer to not visit with my mouth open and my palms sweating, know what I mean?
Well, I've got a few things to do for Easter and hope to take a few pics along the way. 'Til next time, keep your chin up and don't take any wooden nickels. (I have no idea what that means but my dad used to tell me that all the time!)


Gillie said...

Very pretty, Suzanne. I love Cranford, it was about life in a small town near where I lived in England!

Tracey said...

Sweet finish!! I know what you mean about the dentist. We found a dentist we really liked, now they don't take our insurance anymore and we have to find someone else. And I need to have two teeth extracted. Bleh.

Todd said...

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