Friday, May 2, 2008

Old Hands, Young Hands, In-Between Hands

Wednesday was a good day all the way around (see post below this one). My prayer shawl group from church met at my house and we had several shawls we prayed over, ready to be blessed and distributed. It's so nice to see that my 13 year old daughter, (young hands) myself (in-between hands) and three other church ladies (old hands) can all gather together and find peace, friendship and joy. Each month we meet and it always warms my heart.

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My name is Cheryl said...

Such a joyful post to read. It is so nice to hear that there are other moms out there that have shared things like knitting/crocheting with their daughters. Even better that so many women from different seasons in their life can get together and enjoy their time together. Loved the photo of you all blessing your projects to be.