Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not Quite As Far As I'd Like...

to be, but hey, I gave it my best shot. One of Kaleigh's Christmas gifts is almost done, but not quite. It's a hat and mitten set and I still have one more mitten on the needle. She's a bit older than the other three girls so I know she'll understand. But I'm gonna finish it, I promise! The yarn is so soft and pretty; a tweed by Valley Yarns called Williamstown. It's a WEBS yarn. Since I live only about 45 minutes from the store (lucky me!) I'm quite partial to their Valley Yarns, as they're named after many surrounding towns! The hat is knit from a free pattern I got on the net called Women's Lace Edged Hat. If you google it in, you'll find the pattern. I can assure you the picture doesn't do the hat justice. It works up adorable!


Mrs. Darling said...

Just dropping by to wish you a merry christmas.

Now get back to knitting. I'll just sneak out so I dont disturb you. There isnt much time left until Christmas!!!

Wendy said...

Sue! Here I am again LOL
I LOVE you!!!! If you read the 'Handwork' catagories on my blog
pineconeplaygarden.blogspot.com you will see I finally finished a sweater after a whole year :-( I could use some help with my knitting, for sure.
Happy handwork

Wendy said...

too many baskets in my life.....I gave you the wrong blog title LOL
Pinecone Playgarden is the weekly K program I run from my home (blushing)
Here's my REAL blog..

bless you