Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowflake Cookies

Every year I join in for a Christmas Cookie Swap. I almost didn't join in this year as I thought it was an unnecessary expense. After much thought, Gary and I decided that it would be very sad if I didn't participate so I called my friend back and told her to count me in.

Now I have to tell you, she is a very good friend of mine and here is what she did: she called and asked me what kind of cookie I was making (now, we do talk about cookies and recipes quite a bit so it didn't phase me at all). That afternoon, she came over with bags filled with everything I would need to make 12 dozen cookies!

It's not like my friend is rolling in dough, mind you... she has seven children of her own and doesn't work. But her heart is unbelievably big... She asked me about the silver dragees and I said I was going to decorate the cookies without them as I couldn't get them anywhere (outlawed, you know!) except on-line and they were too expensive. Next thing I know, I got a package in the mail with three sizes of dragees! She ordered them for me! I can't thank her enough... she truly let me, through her generosity, enjoy a Christmas tradition to its' fullest.
Click on the pics to see a close up of the decorating. They are quite pretty. Delicious, too. They are Snowflakes by Paula Deene.


Wendy said...

..and I, for one, am so very glad to hear you will be joining us on Monday!! You have a very special friend in Connie, and so do I...we are blessed! xoxo

Marsha said...

Your cookies look pretty and delicious. Thanks for visiting my blog. I used to have a soapmaking business - we have some things in common - I've lived in Stamford and S. Norwalk, CT when we were first married. I hope you have a good Christmas and your DH finds a job soon.

+Ve Anthony Muthu said...

mmm....... great maa.

Cheryl said...

Baking cookies for a cookie swap is always fun. So glad your hubby nudged you to participate. And what can I say about your friend who was hosting this but that she TRULY IS A WONDERFUL friend and knows what friendship means by her selfless actions. Hugs to her. : ) your cookies look beautiful.