Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bears, Oh My!

We spotted our third bear this year! As we were driving this afternoon, this big fella was lumbering along...

Is he a big guy, or what? This is the second time in the past couple weeks a bear crossed in front of our car. Last week we had a big one in our backyard! I woke to hear my husband hollering. I couldn't imagine what he was yelling about. When I looked outside there was a bear crossing our backyard and going into the woods. He came through right where my clothesline is! Now whenever I go to hang clothes, I keep looking into the woods to make sure I'm the only one out there!

We had a great picnic today of fried turkey, coleslaw and corn on the cob. Gee it was good. Casey made Shoo-fly pie and chocolate cream pie for dessert. That was good, too. Corey entertained the three littlies with a few "magic" tricks. I can't decide who was more excited, the girls or Corey! He loves his little sisters, for sure, and thought they would enjoy a little magic show so he went out and bought a magic book and learned a few tricks to show them. Lots of fun!


Wendy said...

I remember that feeling......when the big male waltzed through where Isaac plays all day for the first time .....I felt so violated, so uncomfortable, so threatened.

Robert said...


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Cheryl said...

wow, that sure looks like a big bear. I would be a little leary of hanging clothes on the line. be careful.