Saturday, March 5, 2011

Because the Box is Always More Fun...

than the actual toy that came in it, right?
Another couple of projects from my Homemaker's Mentor Course. This was chocolate dipped spoons to go along with a home made Mocha Mix. The mix is delicious and the chocolate dipped spoons are great fun for stirring. My little girls really enjoyed this project as once I showed them what to do they did it all!
This project was to encourage making a live centerpiece for the table. This is Montana Wheat that I normally ground for bread making. I just sprinkled grains in some very wet organic soil, covered them with more soil and squirted the top. I give them a good spray every day. This is about a week's worth of growth. Once it grows a bit more, I'll put it on the kitchen table and snip the greens to add to smoothies and salads. Nice idea, huh?

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