Saturday, July 7, 2012

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

I knitted a few dishcloths/washcloths over vacation and thought I'd tuck them away for a couple of my friends for Christmas. It's never too early to start knitting for Christmas, right? I used Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn; my favorite go-to yarn for dish/wash cloths. They are very soft and hold up nicely, even when not treated kindly! This pattern is great for beginners: Easy Knitted Dishcloth/Washcloth Pattern Materials 1 2.5 oz skein Lily Sugar N Cream cotton yarn size 6 knitting needles 2 stitch markers Cast on 38 stitches knit across first 4 rows. Repeat Pattern Rows Row 1: Knit 4, place marker, knit 30, place marker, knit 4 Row 2: Knit 4, slide marker, purl 30, slide marker, knit 4 Row 3: Knit 4, slide marker, knit 1, purl 1 across row, slide marker, knit 4 Row 4: Knit 4, slide marker, purl 30, slide marker, knit 4 Repeat rows 1-4, 11 times more for a total of 12 repeats. (you will see the ridges) Knit next four rows. Bind off.
We were unexpectedly blessed last evening with 15 dozen ears of Sugar and Cream corn! Fresh off the farm from our neighbor who didn't sell as much as he thought at the Farmer's Market. We shucked, par-cooked, cut and bagged 14 dozen. They are safely tucked away in the freezer! Our meat chickens went to the slaughterhouse this morning and are now in the freezer, too.
Fourth of July was fairly quiet but enjoyable just the same. The girls enojoyed swimming in the pool...
and also entertained us with their yearly Fourth of July play. It was fun and fun-ny! Hope yours was special, too!


MoonBeam said...

Like the dishcloths...I might have to give that a try.

The pool looks's 97 as I write this.

That's quite a pile of corn husks...yum!

The spaghetti pie looks yummy, too!


Nancy Shuman said...

I've just discovered your terrific blog, and have to say you had me at the word "Berkshire!" My favorite place on earth, I suppose - the beautiful Berkshire Hills, although I live nearly a day's drive away. Your photos are a real treat, your ideas are an inspiration, and you may even have me knitting one of these days!!

Trish said...

That's a lot of corn!
What a blessing for you :-)
Sounds like you had a very productive day!
We don't normally use knitted dishcloths here in Australia but I tempted - all you lovely blog-ladies make some really pretty ones!
Hope your weekend is not too hot, Sue.
And thanks for visiting me - I appreciate your kindness!
God bless you..Trish xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Love the dishcloths. This is a talent I don't have. I so miss my mother in law. She use to knit me the prettiest dishcloths.
It has been so good getting caught up with you.

Norma said...

This is beautiful!

Norma said...

fiMay I please add a link to this pattern to my site?

Sue said...

Yes, Norma, of course. Thank you also for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hello wonderful that you have been enjoying your vacation :)

I like the dishcloths, that is why I am doing also. Too hot here though


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
My blog is now private. Please send me your email address.