Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Overwhelming UFO's

 UFO's upset me.  Do they bother you?  I have several; some are knitting, some cross stitch, others embroidery and some are quilted.  I like to keep life interesting so I change it up a bit.  This year, the cross-stitch group I belong to thought it would be a good idea to get some of us to move on some projects that have been put aside for one reason or another.  They all needed to be cross-stitch (it is a cross-stitch group afterall) except for one and there could only be five.  Easy enough!  So I chose this embroidery/quilting project that is so near done I can taste it.  That's my one non-cross-stitch project for this game.  I think I can get this one checked off my list at some point.
 Now this project is a different story.  It is a learning hardanger project.  I'm not much of a hardanger girl but I do love the look of hardanger, just never ventured into those waters.  As you can see from the picture below I'm nearly done except to fill in the spaces.  I have one HUGE mistake that is holding me up.  I cut threads that shouldn't have been cut.  With all the work that's
been put into this piece, I hope one of the more experienced stitchers in my group can save it and me!  I could just cry... this one I've chosen to set aside for now until I can get help for it.
 It is a pretty one though, isn't it?
 This project will be a Christmas exhange ornament for my group.  I have to keep it secret though, because I don't want anyone peekin' til it's exchange time.
 This one all packaged up and ready to stitch is a free hardanger ornament.  I think I can handle it; it's not too big or complicated.  Glad I got my feet wet on the  other disaster listed above...  My friend, Rose, stitched this one already and it's a pretty one, and free, too!  It's called Holly Quilt Block by The Victoria Sampler.
I have a fair start on this one.  It's called Fall Snapperland by Bent Creek.  Embarrassingly enough I started it last year and didn't get too far.  I hoped to finish it up this fall but I'm not so sure about that.  I feel pressure to get some Christmas projects out of the way before I do stitching for myself.  I still have five more washcloths to knit for someone and a Christmas stocking to make for my grandson.
I do have some lovely Christmas stockings that I just completed yesterday, though.  I'll be back with a post and some pictures on those next time!    

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