Sunday, May 4, 2014

Signs of Spring

 Summer is my favorite time of year but spring comes in a close second.  Our hens are earning their keep and hopefully, Henley, our rooster, will earn his, too.  He is a handsome guy, isn't he?  I love to hear him crow.
 We have a lot of in-house projects going on.  This weekend my husband is focusing on the master bath.  He gutted it last weekend and this weekend he put in a new floor and shower stall.  In this picture, the toilet is sitting on the back deck.  It doesn't look too pretty there and I hope it gets back to its' original home real soon.  I see, too, that the sandbox is on the deck; not so sure I want sand put in it yet.  I don't know that the deck is a good place for it... we'll see...

A new clothes line to help with the overabundance of laundry.  I have another very large clothes-line out back that will be utilized as soon as I finish this post!  ;)
A pretty blossom in the front garden.

Some sweet daffodils in the front garden!  Spring's on its way...hurray!!!

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