Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are packages all made up and ready to surprise my family with. They're filled with Hershey kisses, Cherry kisses, lolli's, and a special goody for each one: all the boys get a box of Russell Stover, the girls get little beaded bracelets to make, stickers, and a pair of little earrings.
We will have a special tea time in the afternoon, with heart-shaped tea sandwiches and a story about St. Valentine. For our Valentine's Dinner, everything will be red or pink. Spaghetti and meatballs, red colored milk, a pink, heart-shaped cake, and Kaleigh's heart-shaped pink-iced sugar cookies!
Are these little guys cute or what? I stumbled across a great blog this afternoon, quite by accident and found last minute valentine cards to make for my kiddoes and hubby. I had the supplies on hand and just needed a half hour to whip them up. If you'd like to make some too, just click on this link Oh, she has a wonderful blog... lots of interesting things. I have to go back and visit again!


Robin said...

Happy Valentines' Day!!!

Scribbit said...

Well thanks! Can I say that the header picture is just amazingly lovely? Can that really be your home? I'll have to poke around your blog and find out!