Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hey, Christina, of Bumblebee, thank you for the Brilliant Weblog Award! Did my kids whisper in your ear to try to boost my ego or somethin'? I think they're the ones that keep clicking on my blog to get my numbers up, just to make me feel good...lol...!
I have a few 'awards' to pass on too... there are so many that I enjoy reading, and many are 'superstars' of the blog world, but then there's a few that I just LOVE, and like my blog are kind of little, but terribly interesting to me as they have much in common with my life and my 'belief system' if there is such a phrase.
So here they are - sorry if you've already received this award...hey you can never have too many, right?
Christina of Bumble-Bee Bags, whose blog I love... for her creativity, laughs and her adorable trio of boys!
Alicia of Curiosities808, a font of creativity and uniqueness, her needlework is a delight!
Amy of Ekblad9, her sweetness and sincere, caring nature is an inspiration... plus her brood of kids are so fun to see...
Robin of Knittin Coop - my first swap partner. Robin is full of fun and her knitting and spinning is awesome!
Rae of Made by Rae... I love her sewing and original ideas, plus love the fun photos!
Cheryl of Quilting Memories - Cheryl's blog is so homey... love her sewing, gardening and conversational tone!
Nissa of Simple Gifts - Nissa's my long-time bud... she shares my views, has a lovely family, lots of sewing and creativity goin' on there and is always up for a new adventure!
So there you have my TOP 7! Thanks guys for making my world just a little more special!


bumblebeebags said...

You more than deserve the award! Now you can tell your kids that you are a blogger academy award winner...lol!

Rae said...

Oh wow thank you so much Sue! what an honor! (:

I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog. I love stopping by here too and seeing what you are up to.