Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amidst Snowflakes and Sunshine

The first snow fell today, admist sunshine, clouds and more snow. The day couldn't be more bewildering. It's chilly, yet not so cold that I need the fire burning. The kiddoes and I did some schoolwork, then settled in for a lunch of crackers and peanutbutter, chocolate dipped pretzels, and cinnamon toast. The best part of our lunch, besides the company I was keeping, was home-made hot chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream. We gathered around the coffee table in the living room with a tea-pot filled with the warm chocolate. To enjoy my children like this is truly a gift... They bring joy to me always. As the enjoyment of summer is behind us, and the anticipation fall brings of the beginning of another school year wears on, this little glimpse of winter days looks just right to me: warm, cozy, and filled with the smiling faces of my beautiful children. C'mon in winter...I'm ready!


bumblebeebags said...

aaahhhh, can I join you?

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh you are making me want christmas. Did you take that hot chocolate pic? Its incredible!

Amy Ekblad said...

Oh I am SO jealous! I love the snow!!! I've been trying to get Jesse to move to your neck of the woods (or even a bit further north) for years!! God bless - Amy