Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Scenic Sunday Drive

Fall in the Berkshires is one of the most beautiful times of the year in one of the most beautiful places in the northeast. O.K., maybe I'm a little biased, I admit it, but the colors are just stunning and the scenery typical calendar material. Today we decided to take a day-trip. I am famous for waking up on a week-end morning and throwing together a picnic lunch, loading the kids in the van and directing hubby to some out-of-the-way destination.
As we traveled the backroads of Connecticut we saw many farms, animals, fields and country homes. Antique shops were everywhere, but I wanted to get to Millerton, New York to a store called Sapersteins,a by-gone department type store that you can't find anymore. I go there every year to get my kids sleepers, flannel PJ's and winter jackets. Their prices are pretty good and the merchandise is not flashy, just sensible. Perfect for nightwear. Then on to Harney Tea; a snooty tea shop complete with tasting room. I love to go there to purchase quality loose tea. After there,we went on to Kent, Connecticut, to Belgique Patisserie & Chocolatier. This place has the most DELICIOUS hot chocolate I have ever had and I travel there about an hour and a half from home several times a year just to get a cup. Now I gotta tell ya, these places are unbelievable. Harney's and Belgique are where the upper-crust of Connecticut and New York come to get their tea and hot-chocolate. And yes, we come rattling up in the 15 passenger van to join the Mercedes, Audi's and Land Rovers. You can google in Harney's Tea Room in Millerton, New York to get a peek and also Belgique Patisserie & Chocolatier in Kent, Connecticut to see the charming place there, too.
The pics above are just a bit of scenery along the way. We truly had a wonderful family day... can't wait for the next road/day trip!

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bumblebeebags said...

The more you talk the more I would swear we are sisters. I LOVE taking day trips. That is truly a Spangler specialty. The boys have gotten to see alot of cool things along the way.