Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Day at the Park & a Bunting, Too!

Lots of play going on here today. First the park, then the sewing machine!

Ta-Daaaa... it's finished. A cute-as-can-be bunting for my friend's soon-to-be-born grandson. Ultrasounds are great for craftiness, aren't they? Can you guess what team his mom and dad are fans of?

Kierra was doing some climbing before she knew I had a camera in my hand!

Caressa having some slide-time fun!

Cassidy and Kaleigh on the see-saw. What happened to the real see-saws where half the fun was jumping off so your partner hit the pavement REALLY hard? Remember how funny that was, as long as you weren't the one hitting the pavement?


O.K., sometimes I like to play at the park, too! Just need to remember to watch my head in those tight spots, ya know?


Mrs. Darling said...

Love the bunting. I can sew but I hate it. Isnt that awful?

Looks like fun at the park!

bumblebeebags said...

Not only did we jump off but remember when you would not stop with your legs but let your butt hit the ground so your partner would bounce in the air? I LOVE the bunting. For my next child I like tennesee titans! lol!