Friday, October 30, 2009

Hats and Rosaries for Sale

I'm taking orders for knitted hats that will be ready for Christmas. All will be hand knit by me or my daughter, Kaleigh. If you scroll down just a bit you will see a post on several mens hats I knit for gifts for my family. All of those colors or any combination are available. I will also knit womens, childrens, and babies hats. I do have a very pretty pattern for a woman's hat but the photo is not very clear. It has a lace-edged bottom. Kaleigh knit one for me last year and I really love it.
The yarn used is either 100 percent wool or a wool blend. All of the yarn is of very good quality. Above is a photo of some of the yarn for children and babies. That yarn is really beautiful, top of the line... 100 percent wool and soft as can be. If you are interested, please e-mail me and let me know what you would like and what colors you would like. Also, for baby hats let me know if you would like a rolled hem or a ribbed edge. Below are the prices; all include shipping.
Adults - Men or Women...$20.00
Kiddoes - ........ 15.00
Baby - ........... 10.00
Rosary Beads - Please click on my sidebar under Sewing Basket and scroll down, there are two photos of the beads and pouches. They're there, I promise!
All made with glass beads by my daughter, Kaleigh. They really are very beautiful.
Rosary beads - ......$15.00
with cotton pouch ... 20.00
Handmade soap coming soon! E-mail me at

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