Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bathroom Curtains

We've been busy bees around here lately trying to spruce the 'ol Cottage up. I think we've (ahem... Gary) has painted the kids' bathroom nearly every year we've lived here. For some reason, it needs a make-over, often. It's gotta be because it's a very used room! This time around I chose a pretty antique(ish) yellow. It's one of the colonial colors from the Lowes line. The paint is almost half the price of Benjamin Moore and in my humble opinion, is just as good. Once the bathroom was painted and thoroughly spring-cleaned, I picked out some material from my stash and made curtains. Just a bit of measuring, ironing and sewing, about an hour and a half time from start to finish, and I got some pretty new curtains. When the sun shines in the material casts a lovely glow against the yellow paint. It lights up the bathroom so nicely! I pulled a beautiful rose/purpley color from the flowers in the print and matched up some new bathroom rugs. It really looks nice in there now. I'm sure by next year, I'll be ready for a change, but for now, it looks pretty spiffy.

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Cheryl said...

pretty curtains Sue. Nothing like spring cleaning to freshen up a new space.