Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cassidy's Shawl, Woodstove and a Treat

Finally, something to show! I knit this shawl using 100 Purewool; my favorite yarn of all time! It's so soft and nice to work with. Anyway, I just knit a basic triangular shawl and then did a shell stitch border all the way around and then a chain six into the 'holes' of the shell border on two sides. It turned out quite nice. I think Cassidy will be happy with it on Christmas morning.

I've kept Gary busy, too, putting in a woodstove in our bedroom. My brother gave us the stove and it was in our garage over the winter. It was a tad bit rusted so Gary sanded the rust off and then spray-painted it with black woodstove paint. It looks brand new. He also cut our wood floor and tiled it where the stove sits. He installed the piping (although in this picture the pipe that goes through the wall wasn't in, yet. It's all hooked up now and ready to go. I have a jar of lavender stems from my garden sitting on top of the stove waiting for the fire to burn. I read to throw them in for a sweet scent of lavender.

I entered a little give-away from Mary-Katherine's blog (see my sidebar) and won this adorable felt and beaded cookie that I use to put my needlework needles in. It's so cute! I also won a skein of Belle Soie hand dyed silk in Strawberry Shortcake! The color is just beautiful and I can't wait to use it! Thank you to Mary-Katherine! Please hit my sidebar and take a peek at her blog and shop. She has the most beautiful projects!


bumblebeebags said...

The shawl is beautiful! I love your wood stove...they are so nice on a cold winters night!

Cheryl said...

Love the shawl. I really like how you did the edging.
And the wood stove...sounds like it will be wonderfull once winter hits. Having moved to a warmer state, I miss having a real woodburning fireplace. The one we have now is a gas one. : (

Marsha said...

I love woodstoves. Snug as a bug in a rug. The shawl sounds snuggli too. and I love the cupcake (I tried to win it). Mary Kathryn does have a beautiful blog and webstore.