Monday, January 24, 2011

BOSH, Bread, and More Scarves!

I recently purchased a BOSH Mixer from Marmeedear and have used it twice so far. The first thing I made was cinnamon buns. They were so good. I made the batter the evening before and baked them the following morning. What a nice breakfast! Today I made bread; five loaves plus rolls. I could have made six loaves but opted for some buns. The bowl of the mixer doesn't look huge but it holds a ridiculous amount of flour and making six loaves of bread at one time was a snap. I waited a couple years to make this purchase, but I believe it is well worth it and will pay itself back within a year.
Here is the bread dough straight from the mixer. I was just patting it into a round blob to let it sit on the cookie sheet to rise.

As you can see, it did rise quite a bit. I watched a Youtube video of Martha from Marmeedear making bread. The next time I bake bread, which I think will be next week, I will use her recipe from her book, "The Bread Box". I learned several things watching her Youtube video, Marmees Breadmarket, on how to successfully make Whole Wheat bread. I've been baking bread on and off for quite a few years but it was a struggle using smaller mixers. So I'm anxiously waiting to get my new cookbook as her bread seems much lighter and moister than mine. I'm always up for learning new things!

This is the finished product. It was deliciously good hot out of the oven! It browned nicely and I swiped butter over the top. We should be set for bread for the next few days. Looks like lunch tomorrow will be freshly made soup and bread!

Kaleigh recently made this pretty little scarf for a two year old little girl. Her mama saw one that Kaleigh made for the lady's nephew and wanted one for her daughter. Kaleigh crocheted a little edge on it too. She is going to do a post on her blog later today where you can find her free pattern. Please give her a visit if you'd like over here at Pixxie Sparkles, her blog, and enjoy the free pattern. She used Lamb's Pride yarn in Rosy Velvet.
This is another scarf I made out of the Red Heart Curly Q yarn. I blogged about it in an earlier post. I made this one for my friend's birthday. She works at an elementary school and stands outside during recess. I thought this would keep her a bit warmer. This is the third one I've made, Kaleigh made one for my mom and I have one more skein left to make myself a scarf. I really like the pattern because it fits nicely in your jacket without being too long, has the hole in the middle and the yarn is very soft.
I'll be back for another post soon, as I'd like to show you my completed block from LittleMissShabby free BOM. It's really, really cute!


Cheryl said...

MMMMM, there is nothing like the smell of fresh home baked bread. Your loaves look heavenly.
when the kids were little i baked bread quite a bit, and I loved slathering butter on a fresh, warm slice of toast straight from the oven.

SuZQ, back to basics granny said...

Home made bread, perogies....I also make my own bread ... have been doing so for over 30 years .... use a bread maker these days so I have more time to quilt etc. I haven't had perogies since my mennonite grandmother made them for us.... Yum. Wonderful blog

Annette M. Heidmann said...

Ahh, Bosch makes good machines. I have used one for the last 12 years... just lost it in our house fire and have been sorely tried having no mixer (or homemade bread) for the last two months. Your bread looks heavenly -- blessings upon your baking!! :)