Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wintery Day & A Baby Cardigan

So what do you think of my new blog look? Kaleigh helped me this afternoon (O.K., more than helped me!) giving my blog a facelift. I added a few new things to my sidebar, including an e-mail feed! I've subscribed to many blogs using the feature and I really like it.
I recently made a baby cardigan sweater for my cousin who just had her first baby. We visited them last week and he was as cute as a button. I'm sure the blue hat and sweater will look extra cute on him as he has beautiful blue eyes! The pattern was free from my local yarn store. I used 100 Purewool yarn from my stash. It is my very favorite every day wool. It's soft as butter and a pleasure to knit with.
We were in for some wintery weather today, so after doing school with the kiddoes I decided to make homemade sausage. I have never done so before. I used half ground turkey and half ground pork along with spices. I joined Homemakersmentor and it was one of our lessons to make sausage and/or salami from scratch. So far I have been really happy with this program and group. If you love homemaking and would like to continue your skills give it a visit and click around and see if it's for you. We are having sausage, sour dough bisquits and broccoli for dinner. Should be ready in a few minutes!
Ohhh... and guess what the UPS man brought me today? A BOSCH Mixer from Marmeedear! I bought a grain mill from Martha a couple of years ago and really wanted a BOSCH Mixer so I can make six loaves of bread at a time, among other things! A big investment, yes, but one I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of.
Kierra and Oliver in the morning. He fits right in with the family! Hope you're having a wonderful week. I've got so much more to share; I'll be back soon!


Amy Ekblad said...

Ooh!! Six loaves at one time??!! That's awesome!

Wendy said...

Love the facelift! Very you indeed ;-)

Sally T. said...

Oh, Sue - the baby sweater is gorgeous! Lovin' it. Your blog is lookin' good, too! I just baked bread the other day for my neighbor who's snowblowing my driveway for me. But I cheated and used frozen bread dough from the supermarket. Love to make my own, too, though.

Tracey said...

Love that sweater, and the color is beautiful! I want one in my size! :)What a sweet picture of the cuties!

Cheryl said...

Love your new blog look. Is Kaleigh taking orders? I know mine could use a facelift.

Wow, six loaves at a time! that is cool.
your cardigan and hat are adoreable. handmade baby gifts have have always been my fave to give and when I had kids handmade gifts like yorus were the most treasured gifts to save.