Thursday, April 14, 2011

Springtime at the Cottage

Warmer temperatures are slowly visiting us here in the Berkshires. I've been enjoying the afternoon sunshine and have been using it as ransom to get the kids to finish up their schoolwork before lunch! This afternoon, Caressa chased a chicken off her blanket that she had spread out on the grass. For some reason, the chickens think they are dogs and are overly friendly. One even hopped in the van the other day when we were leaving. Ummm... no.....
Between wakes and funerals, (yep, two wakes and a funeral within a week) I've been able to stitch a bit and get some knitting done. This is my third block from the Little Miss Shabby block of the month. I'm really enjoying working on this project. It's fun to see what she comes up with for each month and each block is quite cute.
Beautiful blooms are popping up in the garden, too. Rhubarb is breaking through the ground and the strawberry plants are turning green. My hubby is busy preparing the raised beds for planting and I have lots and lots of organic seedlings growing under a shoppe light in the basement. They are coming up beautifully.
I hope your spring is making you smile and bringing you peaceful joy in watching God's hand at work this special time of year.

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Sally T. said...

Spring is coming so slowly in Michigan - we are having rainy day after rainy day, and I've not been able to get out and do any yard work, much less spread a blanket! I just wipe mud off the dogs' feet; haven't had a dry floor in quite awhile! Love your blog, Sue!