Thursday, March 15, 2012

Caressa's Special Day!

We had a wonderful morning as Caressa celebrated her First Holy Communion! Father Tom, our pastor, gave her the sacrament during the morning daily Mass. He did a beautiful homily, as always, and made it very meaningful for her. She is elated!

Here she is back at home opening her gifts. She changed into her everyday clothes so she wouldn't get the communion dress dirty. Seeing she's the last of my little ones to make the sacrament, it was a little sad for me. I'll tuck the dress away and save it for my future granddaughters in case their mom would like their daughters to wear the dress.

I was a little worried on Tuesday as Caressa had a decent fever and cold. Not worried health-wise but certainly worried that the communion may not take place. It's terribly hard to get the family together all at the same time. The older boys schedules are all over the place and this day was the only one that would work. She bounced back on Wednesday, thankfully, but Cassidy followed suit with a fever yesterday. The rest of us all have colds but no fever so it was all good.

Afterwards, we had a nice brunch. We had Baked French Toast with Maple Syrup,

which was ridiculously delicious and equally fattening, Cracked Pepper & Brown Sugar Oven-Roasted Bacon, Pretty Layered Fruit Salad, (scroll down a bit for both recipes - under Brunch) Canadian Bacon, Linzer Cookies, and Whole Wheat Mocha Nut Muffins! Everything was really good!

I thought I would be able to relax once breakfast was over and my husband went back to work and the older kids continued on with their day, but no... that didn't happen right away. A trip to the Minute Clinic for Kaleigh was next. She's had the same virus and got antibiotics. She could have done without them, but is going to New York tomorrow with Kyle and Casey and wanted to feel better than she does today, so I conceded.

However in the afternoon I finally got to take a half hour for myself and read some of the book, Plain. It's very interesting and inspiring to someone like myself; a lover (or dreamer) of a quiet, country life. I'm just barely into the first part of the book but looking forward to reading more.

I foolishly thought I would have this piece, Berger Shepherd, finished in time to gift Father Tom with for the special Communion. I just purchased the pattern last week; why I thought I could do it in time is beyond me. He will get it soon, though, as long as my swollen, arthritic finger holds up. It's a nuisance and it irritates me no end that it dictates how much needlework I can or cannot do.

My new little kitty, Daisy was lounging on top of Mixie this afternoon on my pile of paperwork spread across my desk. Looks like I have some neatening up to do.

Here she is again. Isn't she just beautiful? One of my Mother of Divine Grace families that I consult for gifted me with her. I just love her; she is one of the sweetest kitties we've ever had. Of course, it depends on who you talk to around here on which kitty is the most loveable, but I think she'd win hands down should we ever take a vote on it.


Neen said...

Congrats to Caressa on her very special day. She looked beautiful.

Rhonda said...

what a special post, your daughter looks beautiful in her white dress.
and such a nice brunch.

ugh on the virus being passed around, those are no fun at all.

About your pattern you thought you could finish quickly too, I do that kind of thing sometimes too. Especially for women like us with lots of people depending on us, there is just not as much time to do all the things we want to.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Caressa. I love seeing the little ones at Mass. Everything looks so yummy. I went to the garden center today and brought some plants. I know how you long for spring too.

DoleValleyGirl said...

Sue, Congrats to your daughter on her first communion. I well remember celebrating that special day myself many, many years ago. :) And thanks to you for your sweet comment over on my blog -- hope you enjoy the vanilla coffee syrup! So easy and inexpensive.

Blessings to you and yours,

Lisa :)