Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Fever

Just when I thought spring was near (and it is, really) we got snow. Not that it's a bad thing as we haven't had much of a New England winter, but I got a little spoiled with the mild temperatures and I thought for sure spring was nearly here. Well, it is spring in my room! My window sill got a good cleaning this morning, my plants got all the dried leaves and buds nipped off and they are now sitting beautifully, bringing me much joy! My eight year old daughter, Kierra, surprised me with the pink hyacinth yesterday while shopping at the grocery story. It has added a sweet, flowery aroma to my room. Casey gave me the lovely orchid for Valentine's Day. Instead of water it gets 3 ice cubes each week. So far it's doing wonderfully.

We did a pretty heavy clean out of the basement yesterday. I still need to go through my fabric and yarn stash which I didn't get to. Today doesn't look too promising either. But soon... I would also like to get to the laundry room. We have a closet that needs new shelves and I would like to put up a shelf for jarred food storage. The shelves above the washer and dryer need straightening, too. Those jobs all need attention.

On the stitching front...

I have one side of my Ort Bag complete! I had a couple minor problems here and there. I had to rip out a few times as my stitch was off. For some reason, the tulips at the top just don't come out right unless I center it from the top middle. The same happened on the second side I'm currently working on. It is a fun stitch, though, and I'm really enjoying it. My friend that is stitching it with me is completely done! Her completed project came out so pretty. She's amazing in that she stitches pretty fast and always has something beautiful to show when she's done!


Krista said...

Hi Sue, Your ort bag is looking great. Love all the spring colors. All of your flowers are pretty on the sill, what a pretty orchid. This Thursday I am going to the Philadelphia flower show. I am sure I will see some there. I hope your snow is gone soon and spring returns :) Have a great week!

Marsha said...

Wow, the rot bag is just gorgeous.
We've have daffy's blooming and today snowflakes. Spring is zoo close.

Marsha said...

Sorry. The iPad substituted rot bag for ort bag and I missed it. It really is gorgeous.

Veronica said...

Your flowers sure are pretty sitting there by the windor.

Oh, your Ort Bag is gorgeous. Love those soft sweet colours.


Anonymous said...

Just seeing the flowers, I know that Spring is just around the corner!

I am glad to visit, I leave refreshed :)


Rhonda said...

Hello Sue, I am glad I found your blog too :) and I see we are mutual friends of Elizabeth.
Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

My middle name is also Sue