Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Everything's Comin' Up Daisies!

I've got a new bag for summer! Won't that look cute with a pair of jean shorts, a yellow or pink Tee and flip-flops? I used the pattern Flea Market Bag by Grand Revival. It's an easy, well-written pattern and fun to make.

This one is for my Mom's birthday on May 2. I planned on making her one anyway, but she saw the one my daughter, Kaleigh made and requested one. Kaleigh's is pretty 'hot'. Hers is made from (inside) hot pink material with black polka-dots and (outside) black material with hot pink polka-dots. Perfect choice for a nearly 14 yo girl! I have one more to make for my sister-in-law's birthday in June. I'll post a pic of Kaleigh's and hers then.
And speaking of handbags, look in my sidebar under Favorite Blogs and click on Bumble Bee Bags. Christina has some very pretty ones she's busy making. Very inspirational!

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bumblebeebags said...

i LOVE your cute. i think i would like the hot pink with polka dots too, lol!