Saturday, April 26, 2008

One More Gray Hair on Mama's Head

The day started off like any other. Some schoolwork, tidying of house, lunch and afternoon playtime. The girls asked if they could go next door to play in the sandbox with their little five year old friend, Michael. I thought, why not? While the girls were next door, I was putzying around my room; cleaning up here and there, reading a few e-mails, you know, basically relaxing.
Next thing you know, I heard blood-shivering screams, and they were coming from my daughters! I took off outside along with Casey and Kaleigh. Poor Kierra was running down the hill, her head, face and shirt covered in blood. She was screaming that she had been shot with a BB gun! The five year old neighbor boy had picked up his 12 year old brother's BB gun, (which was an older model) and shot it. He didn't aim it at her, so it really wasn't intentional. His brother had been looking to shoot chipmunks and had the gun pumped, and then left it while he went in the house. The little kids were in the garage and were just a few feet from each other.
Anyway, my son scooped Kierra up in his arms, while I ran in the house and called my husband, frantically telling him to GET HOME! My neighbor ran in too, and the two of us were saying "What do we do?" We were scared to death! We got a cloth and put it on the side of her head to try to stop the bleeding, while I called 911. I cannot express how upset I was. Two ambulances came, one a basic unit, the other a paramedic unit. At the same time, my husband pulled in. We live in the country, and although our town has an ambulance, it's volunteer, and most of the people that run the ambulance are at work. It took quite a bit of time for them to pull a crew together. At the same time, the paramedic unit from the next town over was called as it was a trauma to the head.
Without going into too much detail, they took my daugther and husband to the hospital where they made an incision to remove the BB that was lodged in the side of Kierra's head. My older boys, both that are in the emergency "business" could have helped had they been home, but of course, they weren't!
Yes, one more gray hair... thank goodness for hair color.


bumblebeebags said...

OMG!!!!! you poor thing, how scary. I think you just wrote down every mothers worst nightmare. I hope everyone is ok and you deserve a nice glass of wine....or a shot of some strong drink, lol!

Robin said...

I will double that OMG!! WHEW...I'm so glad she's okay! What a very-very scary accident. I think I'll have a glass of wine for you...

My name is Cheryl said...

Praise the Lord for quick action on everyones part and that your daughter is fine.
I do believe I would of had a WHOLE head of gray hairs from that.
Take a deeep breath.
Hugs to you!