Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Gift for My Friend

My friend's birthday was the other day and I'm going to drop her gift off to her tomorrow when I go visit my parents. My friend and I go back a ways... 18 years to be exact. Our kids used to play together. Our boys used to play guns in the 'forest' which was really just a few trees in the schoolyard across the street from my friend's house. Back then it was O.K. for boys to play with their guns. Now of course, that's a real no-no. Our boys seem to have all turned out just fine despite the games they played. I thought she would like some of these Plushche I made tonight. They are soooo good. They're a German (Mennonite?) sweet roll. I got the recipe from

I also thought she would like a couple boxes of tea and this Tea Wallet I made. I got the pattern/tutorial from here: This went together very quickly and I will make one for myself and one for my Mom's friend.

Here's an inside pic. I thought my friend, Sue, would like it. To me, it was a walk down Memory Lane. You see, we used to sip tea or coffee on the front steps while our kiddoes played. We would shoot the breeze, solve the world's problems and some of our own, too. I miss living where I used to live, or maybe it was just the times. None of us worked, we all had kids, and none of us had much money. But we had good times... We've watched our kids grow up (although I still have some that are little and growing!) and we've celebrated in their success and cried on each other's shoulders during our hard times in life. Yup, Sue's my good friend, my very special friend. Happy Birthday, Sue!


Wendy said...

Beautifully said, Sue! Amen to good friends :-)

My name is Cheryl said...

Wow, that Pluschke (sp?) looks so yummy. I love how your tea holder turned out. I think your friend will enjoy both. I am sure she has good memories sitting on the porch sipping a cuppa with her good friend. : )

bumblebeebags said...

those tea cozies are so neat. what a great idea!