Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I'm a bit late, I know... Do you like the pic of one of our kitties? Caressa thought she would dress him up in a tutu. I'm not sure he liked it but no clawing, hissing or biting took place, so I guess it was alright!
I have a few projects I'd like to get accomplished this year. Now I'm not saying they'll all get done, but they're on my list. Care to take a look?
Household Cleaning/Repair Projects
Wax Kitchen Chairs
Clean grout between floor tiles
Clean (possibly paint) outer cabinets
Clean and organize inside cabinets
Replace any old spices
Clean stove - move and clean under and behind
Clean 'fridge, inside & outside, under and behind
Possibly tear down old paper & paint/wall-paper

Family Room
Hang new shelves
Replace rug

Small Bathroom
Tear down paper & redo(thanks to the littlies they ripped some paper off the walls and now I have to replace it. It was my favorite bathroom in the house... very cute)

Family Bathroom
Clean cabinet & make curtains for spring
Clean closet

Master Bathroom
Clean cabinet
Clean large towel basket

Laundry Room
Clean closets - replace with new shelving
Clean cabinets and possibly re-paint
Replace old, worn towels

All Bedrooms - clean closets, etc., and throw out clutter!

Finish flooring in entryway
Make shelving for tapes and DVD's
Reduce clutter

Make new chicken coop
Utilize/make square foot gardening
Clean shed and reduce clutter
Clean garage and reduce clutter
Replant garden by my bedroom
Restain both decks

Reupholster living room glider
Upholster office chair
Upholster sewing chair
Sew valance for kitchen
Sew new table runner
Sew spring curtains for family room
Sew spring curtains for large bathroom
Possibly sew slip cover for family room chair
Sew two new flannel shirts for myself

I'm sure I'll be adding to this list as things come up. And I'm not doing all this stuff alone. My husband has a lot of jobs on here, too!

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My name is Cheryl said...

Whoah Sue! that is some kind of list. I had a to do list on my blog as well, but no where near as long as yours. Glad to hear your hubby will be helping out with some of those projects.
Sounds like cleaning out and decluttering is on everyones list. We can all do without it, right?
What a sweet surprise for you on Christmas to open a package of handmade mitts and hat from your daughter for you! She obviously has a loving and caring heart like her mama. : )