Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Winter Knitting

Kaleigh made me this lovely hat and mitten set for me for Christmas. I've been wearing it each evening during my walks with my husband. They're made from the patterns I've listed on here before and they're both free on the net. She used Lionbrand wool; I can't remember the name, but it's the 'tweed(y)' looking one. It's nice and warm, and quite soft too! I'm so glad she made the for me as I needed them really badly and have been too busy knitting for other people to even think of knitting for myself. But quite soon, I'll get the needles clicking for me, but first I have a couple other things to finish up.

A woman that my husband works with is switching over her VCR collection of movies to DVD's. She has given us about 150 tapes so far and has a couple more boxes to go. She's also giving us her old VCR player. The movies range from children's to adult comedies, action, biographies, romance and classics. You name it, she had it. We are so very grateful for her generosity. I honestly didn't know what we could do for her as she has heart problems and diabetes, and she's elderly. So I thought she could wear a pair of fingerless mitts while driving.
I have a bit more knitting to do and then will hopefully get to work on some embroidery... I'll be back soon with some more pics!

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