Saturday, May 30, 2009

Herb and Fruit Gardens

Please... come and take a walk with me and enjoy my herb and fruit gardens. Tomorrow I'll bring you around to the flowers and veggies.

Against the side of the house was some straggly bushes. We cleaned this area out and made it useful. Here are some onion sets I planted in late April. We've been enjoying fresh onion tops in our salads and on the grill.

Some parsley...


and cilantro, too. Soon we will be eating these, too.

Here is our little strawberry patch. We've had this planted for several years and each year it seems to do better and better.

Some blueberries are growing here. Some plants are older than others. A few are three years old and several are newly bought this fall. They came through the winter just fine.

Some raspberries are planted here. Again, some are a few years old, while some are new, planted in the fall.

These beautiful raspberries were just transplanted today. My neighbor down the street didn't want them anymore and we were only too happy to take them off her hands! They are quite mature and bear a lot of fruit. I hope we didn't shock the plants too much by transplanting them. Hopefully we'll get lots of fruit from the this year.

And it wouldn't be a run-of-the-mill day without at least three loads of laundry on the line, now would it? Hope your day is filled with lots of beauty.


Wendy said...

You will be creating wonderful meals with all that greatness! And yes, two loads on the line today myself - nothing like the purity of sun and wind power to really dry clothes ;-)

Mrs. Darling said...

Just letting you know Im linking gthis post in my little garden tour! Love the thought of those onion tops on salad! Yum!

My name is Cheryl said...

what a wonderful garden of herbs and fruit you have going. It will be wonderful to pick and use all these herbs and fruit throughout the summer and use them in your meals.