Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love My Wet Bag

(NOTE: Sorry if you got this twice. I deleted the first pic I took as it was ridiculously blurry. Hope this one is better.)
The little girls have been taking swimming lessons this week and next week. I'm gone for four hours a day (usually longer as I always find somewhere else to go) doing this little task. All the kids have gone to the same swimming school for (gulp) 24 years and Corey used to be an instructor for them. So I didn't want to change as I really feel they are the best swimming school there is, so I drive...
Since the girls need to change seeing they're sitting in the car for awhile, and since I usually do some errands along the way home, I thought they should get out of their wet suits. So I made this plastic-lined, zippered bag to put their suits into until we get home. Wow, I love this bag! When we get home, I hang the bag on the line to dry to use the next day. Love it! If you'd like to make one you can get the directions here: Lots of goodies on that site. Have fun!


Wendy said...

this is really a great idea! We have been wrapping "I"s neoprene suit in a towel and it makes for a soggy ride home (OH...we bike to swim lessons)
thanks for the tip!

Mrs. Darling said...

Love the garden pics! I could look at peoples gardens all day!