Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Biscornu Completed!

It's finished! My plans for the other night went kabosh! The usual meeting place got changed and I ended up just going to my parent's house for a visit instead. Initially I was disappointed but my dad was so happy we dropped in that I'm glad we went there instead.

Anywho... I was worried that I wouldn't be able to finish the Biscornu because I've never done one before. Looking at it, I couldn't quite figure out how to go about putting it together. One of my friends from the group sent me a link and what a great tutorial the person did.

I was able to follow her directions and pictures and it actually came out right on the first try. I was holding my breath at the end but it all lined up. Here is the link for the pattern for the top part of the biscornu: http://lhfinis
Here is the link for the finishing instructions of a biscornu:
This was such a fun project, I'd like to do more. I was thinking one for each season... we'll see.

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