Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knitted Bottom Drawstring Pouch

I have long wanted to make one of these pouches that I've seen on other blogs. I couldn't quite get the right measurements or pull the method together, myself. I ended up asking one of my friends from my cross-stitch group (who knows how to do every kind of needlework and has mastered them all!) how to make the bag. Just as I thought, not only did she know how to do it but gave me step-by-step instructions to make it! She surely didn't let me down!
I had this piece of embroidery from quite awhile ago. I did it on some monthly embroidery group but never put it together with the rest of the blocks. So, it didn't go to waste! Now that I tried my first one, I'd like to make a few more. Next time I'm going to use some of the vintage bureau scarves I've collected over the years. I think they are lovely and this project will showcase them well.

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