Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Season of Advent & A Trip to Vermont

Today, the first Sunday of Advent; could it be, already? Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord! Last year we were told to Wait... this year we are told to Watch!
I decided to make a new advent wreath as our old one was looking rather tired. I went to Michaels and purchased a new container, some floral foam, moss and candles. Frugal, easy and oh, so pretty...

I made this wreath for my sister-in-law this year. As I was heading out the door today, I thought I would hang it up on my front door to snap a picture before delivering it to her as an early Christmas present. To keep the wreath reasonably priced, I bought the bulbs last year and put it together the other night. This is a very easy wreath to make as all you do is shape a coat hanger into a circle, wire each bulb using florist wire and slide onto the hanger. When it's nice and full, twist the hanger top back so nothing slides off, make a pretty ribbon using wired ribbon and you're done! I made one last year for myself in blues and pinks. It looks very pretty above the mantle.

We recently took a trip to Vermont...

What a beautiful state Vermont is! We visited The Vermont Country Store. What a fun trip that was!

If you ever get a chance, go there! It's a walk down memory lane, that's for sure!


Amy Ekblad said...

Beautiful!! Happy Advent!!

Cheryl said...

Hey there! It's been a while. I hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I loved day tripping with our kids when we homeschooled. Your day trip to Vermont sounds like it was lotsa fun.
Loved the post on ding dong ditching and those donuts look yummy.
Had a question for ya....the crocheted bottom bag...I think it's crocheted. is it hard to do? I have always loved her yarn bottomed bags.