Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birdie Sling Bag

Busy days have taken over, lately. As Christmas nears, it seems there's so much to do, and normal life keeps beating away too, making the days fly by. Every day this week was filled with one outing for some reason or other. Schoolwork and planning a surprise birthday party for my husband tomorrow have kept me going. Yesterday morning was spent at the bridal shop wedding gown shopping with my soon to be daughter-in-law. These things are so very enjoyable and are truly what makes life exciting and fun!
My husband was out this morning, rare on a weekend morning, but very helpful! I was able to bring the little ones to a Breakfast with Santa which was ridiculously delicious! We live in a small farming town; the sausage and bacon was from a pork farm in town, the maple syrup was from the Maple Corner Farm up the hill, and the milk was from the dairy farm down the street! We were able to eat our oh-so-fresh breakfast and then go into the next town over and get what we need to make appetizers for my husband's birthday party... all on the sly! The kids are so excited.
Because I don't want to get run down, I stop every night after the little ones are snug in their beds, to sit down with some cross-stitch, knitting, or lately, some sewing. I really wanted to get this Birdie Sling Bag finished for Kaleigh for Christmas. She's getting a snowboard, boots and bindings as her 'real' gift, but I wanted her to have a few other things to open without spending too much more. Knowing she loves my sling bag, I thought she'd really like one of her own, so this is it! I think she'll like it!

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Marsha said...

It's a really nice bag.