Sunday, December 9, 2007

Need How to Blog Help!

Some of you have left comments for me. What a joy! I would love to respond, especially after viewing your profiles, but I have no idea how to do that. If someone would be so kind as to fill me in, please help me. Leave a comment wherever, and hopefully I'll find it!
For the time being, let me say that what most people ask is how do I find the time to craft and homeschool seven kids. Well, first, two of my kids are in college, so they're done! I can safely say, they were my "test" kids, and I guess I did O.K! So really, I'm actively homeschooling three: a 10th grader, an 8th grader and a 2nd grader. I am not yet homeschooling my four year old and two year old. No, those two just keep me hopping while I'm trying to homeschool the others!
As far as crafting goes... well, I sneak in "mindless" knitting while I sit with my second grader as she does math, phonics and reading. I do the real thinking knitting, like the Icelandic Lace Shawl from 10:00-midnight! That's the only time my house is somewhat quiet and I'm still semi-concious! I sit in bed and knit with my Ott light listening to the sweet sounds of my husband snoring. Well, maybe not sweet, but hey, I'm being kind here. And for sewing, well, that's kind of hit and miss. Should I be folding laundry or cleaning? You betcha! But hey, if everyone wants a happy Mommy, they gotta let me have a little fun dabbling in my own thing! So they let me craft, drink coffee and eat chocolate... not such a bad trade-off, right?

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Holly said...

I had this same problem until someone said you change it in your settings. I just went in and started changing no's to yes. One of them alerts you through email when you get a post on your blog, but alot of the times it is a no comment blogger address to reply to, haven't figured how to get past that. Some of mine have emails, I think the gmails do. Many of my blogging friends have gone to wordpress, and it is free, because of this very reason, of being able to reply from messages. Hope this helps.