Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finding Quiet In Between the Chaos

We're smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving weekend. I hope your day was filled with family, friends and lots of yummy food. Our Thanksgiving was very nice and the food was wonderful. I ate a bit too much so I need to watch myself over the next few days. I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping but still have a few things left to make. I've been trying to get my work done during the day so in the evening I can relax with the kiddoes and watch some old movies and either cross-stitch, knit or sew. I've been trying to sneak in some quiet time just before bed, too. I'm enjoying reading, Old Christmas: From the Sketchbook of Washington Irving. It was written in 1875 and is such a relaxing read with many black and white, old-fashioned drawings. When that is complete I'd like to move on to The Home Book of Christmas by May Lamberton Becker. The book is a treasury of short stories, history, tradition and songs. It looks to be a very enjoyable read as well. I love to light a few candles and sip on either Hot Cinnamon Tea or Chocolate Mint Tea. Lately my husband has had the wood stove burning and it makes for a very snuggly, cozy retreat.
My days have been filled with homeschooling and the normal cooking, cleaning, errands and everyday-living type things with more shopping than usual thrown in. I like to make several gifts for my girls and I love to see their faces on Christmas morning when they open what I've made them. I thought Cassidy, who's ten, would like a little zippered pouch (which I've made many of) to hold her knitting and crochet tools in. She's just learning both arts and is in need of organizing her own things. I thought a little personalization was in order, too, so I cross-stitched her name on the front. The inside is lined with a pretty red cotton. The two prints together make for a very pretty combination. I have many other projects that are nearly done. I'll take pictures and post them, too, as I finish them up. I told both Kaleigh and Cassidy not to visit my blog until after Christmas as I don't want to spoil the little surprises I've made them. More to come!

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