Friday, November 12, 2010

Homespun Living's Knitted Dishcloth and a Daytrip to Harney's Tea

A few of my on-line friends decided to do a knitted dishcloth swap. I decided to knit my favorite cloth of all time, Homespun Living's Waffle Dishcloth. I've made several for myself and not only do I like the design, but I also like that it has some texture and gets the sticky stuff off my countertops that my little ones leave behind.
Remember I mentioned that we enjoy daytrips? This jaunt was to Harney's Tea Room in Middleton, New York. As you can see, they offer a large selection of loose tea. They brew several flavors at a time that you can try and you are also able to taste a couple you may be curious about. The "upper-crust" of New England seem to enjoy the trip as much as my "oh-so-average" family does; so we not only enjoy the tea, we enjoy the clientelle as well!

The scenery was so beautiful as we meandered along our way...

Old churches are scattered throughout the countryside, and churches like this are in nearly every town center.

A lone silo that once belonged to a thriving farm. There are still many dairy and cattle farms along the way. I always enjoy traveling through western Connecticut and into New York. We make the little trip usually twice a year and visit several antique shops dotted along the way.
Lately we've been busy cleaning up the gardens and yard. Once the fall chores are under control, we'll be taking more daytrips. We seem to visit the same places year after year depending on the season. I'll be sure to bring you along on more of our daytrips throughout New England.


Wendy said...

Lovely post my dear friend! I, too, like the waffle dishcloth pattern.

yarntangler said...

This makes me homesick for the New England I love. Great pictures, Sue. We went to Salem once on Hallowe'en and did a tour in one of their little tour buses - no time for looking INTO places, but it was a great place to be at that time of year. Glad you had a chance to go.

Cheryl said...

Very cool.
I loved doing day trips and weekend trips when we homeschooled. So much to learn out there that we may have otherwise would of not have ever known. Thanks for taking us along with you.
I too love homespun livings waffle dishcloth too...only I can't knit. Thanks to my lovely daughter i can enjoy the dishcloths.she made me several last year. i was so excited to open up my gift.

Becky said...

Makes me ready to visit that area of the US.