Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kaleigh!

These birthdays just keep rolling on... Today Kaleigh is 14! My little girl is a big girl. We had such a nice day... Her request for the birthday meal was ham, cheese, and asparagas panninis with cole slaw and potatoe salad. Ohhh it was yummy. I also made an angel food cake (that used 12 egg whites - I'll bet the chickens weren't too happy about that) and filled two layers with chocolate fudge brownie ice cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Then I made whipped cream, frosted and froze it. I poured Friendly's hot fudge over the top at serving. Oh, it was goooood! Of course, I'll be walking this meal off all week and everytime I get on the scale I'll be well, not happy, but really, it was kinda worth it.
It warmed my heart to see the brothers all give her gifts that they thought she would like: a hair straightener, a time extension for an on-line game, and a book about NYC (the four older kids went there by train a couple months ago together and had an awesome time). And lots of hugs, too. The older guys sure love their little sisters! Time for us to gather for the rosary...

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