Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Girlies Are Busy, Too!

Kaleigh and Cassidy have had a few projects in the works themselves. Kaleigh beaded a pair of flip-flops that I picked up at Target. Her favorite color is green and they'll go very nicely with her bathing suit. The project is in the Simple Sewing magazine, but really, once you see a pair made, there's no reason to buy the magazine unless you want to make something else out of there... like a cute market bag ;)
Cassidy has been pretending to sew at machine for the past few days. She's nearly eight, so I thought a simple project was in order this afternoon. I love the Sewing With Saint Anne book from Catholic Heritage Curricula, but for the life of me couldn't find it, sooo I needed to come up with something. That something turned out to be a Kleenex holder. It was perfect... quick, easy and usable.

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bumblebeebags said...

ooh, I love the flip flops. That is my summer staple as far as shoes go!