Friday, July 25, 2008

Bulky Knit Bag

First, please forgive the blurry pictures I've been posting lately. I thought it was my lousy picture taking skills but I think now I can blame the camera, since my son took the pictures this time, and usually he's pretty good. I'll have to get the camera problem worked out.
Anyway, when we were on vacation we visited a yarn store and saw this bag. We saw it last year too, and I didn't buy the yarn for it. Kaleigh picked up the bag this time and I asked her if she wanted to make it. She said she would but had that guilty sound in her voice of "what if I don't finish it?" I assured her I would like to make it too, so really it wouldn't be a waste to get it. Well, I got the yarn and the pattern was free. She pulled out the yarn on Monday and finished the bag on Wednesday! Granted, she did spend several hours a day knitting, but she finished it and it's really, really nice. Perfect for the winter as it's quite heavy. It's made of cables and baubles (I think) and out of Encore super bulky yarn. If you'd like to make it I'm sure you could call the shop and they'd be happy to send you the yarn and pattern. The shop is Knit One, Purl Too in Wakefield, Rhode Island.


My name is Cheryl said...

Nice job on the purse. Love the baubbles. They just make me smile. : )

bumblebeebags said...

she did a fantastic job!