Monday, September 15, 2008

Elf Shoe Ornaments

Are these little thingees cute, or what? Every year I make or (the past few years) buy one ornament for each of my kids. It was fine when I only had two, three or four, but with seven, well... I'm a little busy, ya know? So I thought I would get a head start this year and try to make them. When I found how quickly these things sewed up I was able to do them while helping Cassidy with her work. No-thinking and can be put down and picked up without having to worry about losing my place. I got the free pattern from Allsorts Blog... see my side-bar. She has some adorable things on her blog - go take a peek!


My name is Cheryl said...

these sewed up so darling! Love the green and pink. What color tree do you put up?
This will be wonderful to give the girls and maybe the boys as they get married. You will be able to start them off in their newly married life with their own set of Christmas ornaments from childhood. I have been saving some for my kids for a while now. They are teenagers and still insist on putting up all the homemade and gifted ones up every year. They are sentimental like their mommy, what can I say???
I am rambling all to say ....Love the elf boots!

bumblebeebags said...

These are tooo cute! Was it you think kids could make them?