Thursday, September 25, 2008

Old Sturbridge Village

Yesterday, we visited Old Sturbridge Village, a colonial village with reenactors (is that a word?) playing the part. We had such a fun time! I've gone there for many years, since I was a a kid. It's one of those places that every school kid goes to on a field trip. There's so much to learn and it's such a beautiful place. The gardens are fascinating as there's lots of herbs, vegetables and flowers growing. There's of course, the old homes, bank, church, schoolhouse, blacksmith's shop, tinsmith, etc., you name it, it's there, to see and learn about. This time 'round my younger ones went on a stagecoach ride. They loved that. There's a lot of hands-on activities, too, and since we bought a family membership for the year (which is basically the same price admission to get in for one time, if you have a large family) we'll do one special activity each time we go, since it's you have to pay extra. This time it was a stagecoach ride, next time, candle-dipping, I hope, if they're doing that when we go.
Of course, being my family, there always has to be some kind of commotion, right? We were in one of the homes, upstairs, looking at one of the roped-off rooms, when I looked at my husband and asked him if he had our 3yo, Caressa. He looked at me and said, "No, I thought she was with you!" The rest of us looked at each other and panicked! My older kids went looking room to room in the house, while my husband and I went outside. I was totally panicking! I was calling her name and some woman must have seen the anxiety in my eyes and asked me if I wanted her to call security. I said "YES!" My husband went running down the road and there she was, the poor little thing, walking down the road, all by herself. When she saw my husband, she started crying. My husband scooped her up and brought her back to me. I had to sit down on a bench to catch my breath and hold my baby. What a scare! She told me last night, while we were lying in my bed, that she wouldn't leave my side anymore, that that was scary. Yup, it sure was, for all of us!
So between that scare and the one last Friday with my oldest son initially thinking he had contracted menengitis from a patient, my nerves are pretty fragile. I'm hoping to do some schoolwork today, but hope to mainly take it a bit easy to give my mental health some much needed TLC.

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bumblebeebags said...

How Scary!!!!! totally every mothers worst nightmare!